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How to Create an Effective Morning Routine

How to Create an Effective Morning Routine

How do you effectively and consistently - repeatedly - create a successful day?

There is something that most successful people know that many of us still might find value in learning. Zig Ziglar famously once said, "Motivation doesn't last." Similar to bathing, it is something that is recommended daily, he added.

If you're familiar with this catchphrase, you know something well by now. You know that waking up every single day feeling inspired and kicking with energy doesn't happen all the time. Relying on motivation to get you moving and consistently aligned to your goals is not enough. Very often, motivation only works if you initiate the action to kick-start it.

Relying on inspiration, or until you 'feel like it' is a sure path to stagnation. Success demands action taken toward the goal, and that requires routines to prevent inaction, incorrect action, or distraction. Routines have enabled many to reach greater heights of success and to replicate their results day by day. There is something infinitely valuable in mindfully considering our daily morning routines, as these routines will set the tone and energy levels for the whole day.

What is a Morning Routine?

A morning routine is a set of activities that a person routinely performs every morning, typically before the main tasks of the day. It consists of little habits, such as making your bed upon waking up or taking a cold shower. It could include physical activities like morning exercise for a rush of adrenaline, a meditation routine, or a journaling habit.

To call any of these or other actions a morning routine, you have to perform these tasks regularly and consistently so that they ultimately become a habit. These little habits deliver results on their own which helps a person run their day smoothly and more successfully. Those people who engage in a morning routine acclaim the benefits.

Is A Morning Routine Necessary At All?

Some people may dread the mere thought of a routine. Many people resist undertaking routines because they don't want to feel programmed. They don't want their 'freedom' taken away; they want to be able to act more impulsively as the mood takes them.

But there is a big paradox here. Those whose lives lack structure and organization usually make little progress towards their goals and are usually the ones who bemoan the unfairness of life.

People who make an effort to construct routines and carry them out get things done. Because they do, they create time and space in their lives, and are usually the ones who end up with the time to do the things that dreamers only dream of.

Whether you are a morning person or not, and whether you prefer to label it as a morning routine or not, we all have a set of activities we habitually do every day which constitutes our morning routine. Snoozing your alarm clock repeatedly is one.

Grabbing your mobile phone to scroll through social media is another morning routine that a person could have. These actions create results on their own, which sets you up for the day. It just may not be the day you desire, however.

The big difference between intentionally crafting your own morning routine versus letting your mood, energy level, and productivity be based on what news you'll hear or read first thing in the morning is that a morning routine of your choice will far more likely deliver the results and mood that you prefer.

By mindfully approaching your day, you're likely going to create a system out of it, and you can replicate your successes each day, as most successful people do.

This is why a morning routine is necessary.

How to Build A Strong Morning Routine

A strong morning routine is a set of activities that you choose to do each morning that works well for you. That is, it delivers the results you need. You repeat this set of actions day in and day out until it becomes a habit, and results then become more automatic.

It is less about copying the morning routines of Arianna Huffington or J.K. Rowling and more of mindfully crafting activities that 'clear the decks' and inspire you to do what needs to be done. This includes not doing the things that come back to bite you later. Your routine should help you do only positive things that will make you stronger and more able to tackle the day's challenges. Ultimately, this will also make you more successful in the long run.

Building a strong morning routine begins with exploring what works and having the willingness to let go of activities that don't serve you well. If you find that reading your emails first thing in the morning makes you demotivated to work on your tasks, you must be resourceful and find ways to rearrange your schedule.

Learn which tasks will likely set you up for a strong energy day. It can be as simple as taking a shower before you open your computer or getting your adrenaline up with some HIIT exercises. Find activities that work well for you, match your schedule, and practice them consistently. Only with consistency and experimentation will you be able to understand what works and what doesn't.

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