Dark Moon Tarot Reading

Dark Moon Tarot Reading

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The dark moon is a time of remission, it is just before the new moon cycle begins. It can be purchased anytime of the month in order to channel and harness the energy and essence of the dark moon phase. This reading can be done when you feel you are in need of a transformation or you are going through a difficult time in your life. When you feel like you are in a dark phase and are looking for the answers.

This reading approaches the following questions

1. What will end and be put to remission or rest at the dark moon?
2. What will re-emerge at the new moon?
3. What your shadow self wants you to be aware of and acknowledge.
4. What you need to bring to the surface and face.
5. What you need to release and let go at the new moon in order to start anew.
6. What you need to resolve.
7. What you need to heal.
8. How the energy of the dark moon can help you.
9. What the aspect of the Crone/dark goddess archetype can teach you.
10. What transformation you are undergoing currently or will undergo.


This reading will be sent via email to you.

  • Email Psychic/Tarot Readings

    Email Psychic/Tarot Readings
    When you place your order, I will contact you or feel free to contact me via contact form on the contact me page or drop me an email at psychicchristine@sbcglobal.net to send me your questions. Delivery time is 3-7 days except for 1 Question readings I try to get those done in 24-72 hours.


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